Smoked Nutmeg Salt - Toya Salt
Smoked Nutmeg Salt - Toya Salt

Smoked Nutmeg Salt

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Toya salt is a natural sea salt products from Indonesia. We only offer the best results from each region in Indonesia.

Smoked salts are sea salt flakes that have been infused with smoke from untreated, real wood, with no artificial flavours or colours at all. The salt is smoked with bark-free woods for a long time.

The high temperature of wood fire melts away any impurities in salts, and turns the acidic to an alkaline state, which is more beneficial for our body. While, minerals from bamboo and clay such as calcium, potassium, iron, copper, and zinc are increased. Hence, it allows the finished product to contribute to ion balance and be considered as a healthy food product. Resulting in a super fine salt granules and has a strong smoke flavour that can make any meal taste delicious.

Headquartered in Bali, we can ship our product throughout Indonesia and around the world.

Toya salt is packaged in glass jar to create an environmentally friendly product, where this glass jar is reusable.