About Us


Toya Salt is Ni Made Toya passion project. She grew up in Karangasem, Bali, in a salt farmers environment and she started this business because of her concern on the condition of farmers who are very poor and the next generation of salt farmers starting to move to the city to get a better income. It will make local produce not sustainable for the future.

Her method is to support the younger generation of farmers with a stable income and education to make them value the importance of their profession. And with the condition of Bali at the moment, we acknowledge that not everybody have the privilege to get sustainability products. We want to give access to people who want to apply a sustainable lifestyle and try to support preserving the beautiful Indonesian nature.

Mission Statement

Providing a vehicle to preserve traditional high quality sea salt and natural products made in Bali. This will give our local future generations a safe & healthy working environment, income source and education with a long term philosophy keeping with the Balinese way of life.