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Ayurvedic Bath Salt Dosha

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Ayurvedic Bath Salts
Ayurveda means Science of Life or Science of Longevity
Ayurveda is a healing art that is thousands of years old, it is the health system of the advanced Vedic civilization of ancient India and is considered to be the oldest health system in the world. The World Health Organization has recognized Ayurveda as a traditional medicine. Now available in the form of Bath Salt.

Dosha: helps remove black spots
Made from natural sea salt, rose bud, Japanese flower, ylang flower, butterfly pea flower, sunflower flower, ratna flower.

This bath salt is made from natural sea salt which is very good for relaxing the body and feet.

Use 1 cup of TOYA SALT for a standard size bath. Pour the salt into the warm running water and stir with your hands to dissolve all the salt grains.
Ready to soak for at least 20 minutes.
To soak your feet, just use ¼ cup.