The Joy of Cookies on Holiday

It's that time of year where we can hear the classic “we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year” almost everywhere we go. Yup, it's December, the festive month of all when we celebrate Christmas and New Year, the ultimate holiday season. It’s a perfect time to gather and enjoy a good meal with your favorite people, either its store bought foods or cooked meals. Nevertheless, It's also a merrier time to bake some cookies with the family and have fun with the kids decorating cookies. Cookies are always a great option to bake because it can be gifted to others or served on your movie night or casual snacking time. Moreover it brings us happy cheers and joy.

How and since when did cookies become associated with the holidays, especially Christmas? Well, like many Christmas traditions, the holiday cookies have been going on since eons ago, when people still celebrated the winter solstice festivals which fall on 21st December. As the broadening of Christianity, the Christmas holiday took over traditional solstice festivals in Europe along with trades between east and west making it possible to get spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper and fruits such as dates and figs started making their way to kitchens and homes. Thus, food and beverages as well as desserts that are using the exotic spices and fruits becoming popular, such as cookies. But the cost of the ingredients can be high which only on important holiday families could afford. Then, this led to a cookie baking mania because thanks to its texture and ability to maintain the taste even if it's stored until the new year.  

Baking Christmas Cookie

Source: Kari Shea on Unsplash


Even though it has been long ago some of the habits hasn't changed such as how we still use cookies as a way to gifting others and also the taste is still heavily spiced like some of the most popular Christmas cookies: Spritz cookies, the Scandinavian light tasting butter cookies with beautiful shapes made with cookie press and Ginger breadman, the holiday classic cookies that bring warmth which love by many. Not just that, we also still love to bake fresh cookies to fill our holidays.

Source: Toya Salt - Shortbread and Ginger cookie

Baking cookies is definitely fun but sometimes it can be overwhelming especially with the icing or topping. That's why, we try putting salt on cookies and the result takes all the doubts away. We try to be creative and fun to match the holiday vibes by pairing the subtle bright pink torch ginger salt with ginger cookies and fresh aromatic citrus sea salt with shortbread cookies. If you are not sure about the taste, we can prove that you are missing it. Our Christmas hampers are filled with a jar of natural sea salt, two small jars of your choice of salt, cashew nuts and these delicious cookies are selling great and getting great feedback. Also, if you are interested in the recipes just leave a comment and we will be happy to share with you so you can go get your apron and start baking!

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