Introduction to Smoked Salt

Salt is a necessary ingredient in the kitchen. Just about every savoury and even some sweet dishes use salt. In cooking it is used in different ways such as curing, baking, finishing, grilling, and BBQ-ing. But because of everyday use, we would crave for something a little different, a simple tweak. Hence, on certain days like those, when you are in need of something a little more, consider using smoked salt. It gives dishes some smoky aroma and a nice twist to your dishes. 

Smoked salts are sea salt flakes that have been infused with smoke from untreated, real wood, with no artificial flavours or colours at all. The salt is smoked with bark-free woods for a long time. In the process, the wood imparts its own unique flavour profile to the salt, which can range from subtle to bold to sweet depending on the time and type of wood used.

The most famous smoked salt is bamboo smoke salt. It is special and made very uniquely by using 3 - 5 year old bamboos which are then cut on the node so one side remains close while one side is open. The stalks will then be filled in with natural sea salt flakes that are harvested and processed naturally. Firmly packed so it can be well roasted and covered with clay. Then, it will be roasted in a tube with wood fire for several times. Some of the salt will evaporate and the finished salt will contain bamboo charcoal which is the uniqueness of bamboo salt. Based on Koreasalt’s research, bamboo salt is a bioactive substance which is an antioxidant, with the capability to detoxify the system, enhance immune functions and prevent various diseases.

This method brings salt to another level. The high temperature of wood fire melts away any impurities in salts, either removed or neutralised and turns the acidic to an alkaline state, which is more beneficial for our body. While, minerals from bamboo and clay such as calcium, potassium, iron, copper, and zinc are increased. Hence, it allows the finished product to contribute to ion balance and be considered as a healthy food product.

Smoked salt is perfect for enhancing the salinity of a dish while imparting the smokiness flavour without resorting to using bitter, artificial tasting liquid smoke, or going through the hassle of smoking the food yourself. That’s why smoked salt is suitable for almost every dish on your menu especially with the range of flavour options available. It can be used as a seasoning for your meats, either on its own or as a part of a herb and spice rub. Any meat from salmon, tuna, chicken, burger patties, even steak will benefit from the boldness of smoke. To enhance a snack by sprinkle it on a grilled cheese sandwich or add it to a salad or fresh veggies like cucumber or cherry tomatoes. Smoked salt also can become a garnish for your drink, put some smoked salt on the rim of a Bloody Mary or Tommy’s margarita will give you a cocktail experience like you’ve never had before. The creative possibilities are practically endless.

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